Royal Succession

Line of Succession

Line of Succession – The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George

Succession to the throne of New Zealand is based on common law and statutory rules. Principles have been built up over the centuries and are defined by Acts of Parliament, especially by the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Act of Settlement 1701. Many people do not realise that the parliament of any constitutional monarchy, including New Zealand’s, controls the order of succession. The parliament of the United Kingdom proved this in 1689 and 1701, when they changed it.

The current rules of succession in New Zealand are the same as those in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, and the other Commonwealth Realms. If any of these countries wished to change the rules, it could, but it would result in them having a different monarch. They would cease to share the same one. There is nothing to prevent New Zealand, or any other realm, from doing this, though it would be unfortunate to lose that common bond.

Accession is effective immediately. The new king or queen succeeds his or her predecessor without delay. This ensures that New Zealand is never without a monarch, even for an instant. The monarch is crowned as soon as it is convenient, but this may be more than a year later. The coronation does not affect the legal standing or the duties and responsibilities of the monarch.


The current line of succession is as follows:

  • Her Majesty The Queen – Queen Elizabeth II
    • Prince Charles
      • Prince William
        • Prince George
        • Princess Charlotte
      • Prince Henry (Harry)
    • Prince Andrew
      • Princess Beatrice
      • Princess Eugenie
    • Prince Edward
      • James Mountbatten-Windsor
      • Louise Mountbatten-Windsor
    • Princess Anne
      • Peter Phillips
        • Savannah Phillips
        • Isla Phillips
      • Zara Tindall
        • Mia Tindall

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