Everyone has different reasons for supporting the monarchy in New Zealand. Here are ten great reasons to be proud of our great system:

  • Monarchies are much more stable and far more successful at protecting democracy than republics.
  • New Zealand’s monarchy has a team of three people working at the top level of government, not just the usual one or two.
  • Monarchies select their heads of state based on a fair and neutral process, not based on personal popularity, wealth, or through political scheming.
  • Monarchies are more gender balanced, multi-cultural, and inclusive than republics.
  • In a world full of divisions and selfishness, New Zealand shares its head of state with 15 other countries.
  • The Queen is a completely apolitical head of state. She represents all New Zealanders regardless of their political views. This cannot happen in a republic.
  • Monarchies have statistically proven to foster greater trust between citizens.
  • Our monarchy is the least expensive political system available to the NZ taxpayers, and definitely provides the best possible value.
  • Monarchy is government by a person, for the people, not government by a document for a document.
  • The monarchy adds more colour and ceremony to government. It is the art in government.

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