The Queen

The Queen – Photo by Anwar Hussein

Like most monarchs, the Queen receives no salary for serving as New Zealand’s head of state. She is a volunteer. It is impossible to determine how much time she spends working as Queen of New Zealand. Her tours of this country are only a small part of that time. From Buckingham Palace she monitors New Zealand and its politics, and is always available to offer advice or support. She does this, not for personal glory or accolades, but out of a great personal respect and admiration for New Zealand.

The New Zealand taxpayer contributes nothing to the personal expenses of the Queen, or any member of the Royal Family, nor towards the costs of the royal household and residences in the United Kingdom. In fact, the monarchy involves only a small outlay for royal engagements and tours in this country, and the modest expenses of the Governor-General’s establishment. This figure is about one dollar per person per year.

It would be hard to imagine any other system being able to operate as economically and effectively as New Zealand’s constitutional monarchy.

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