12/12/2013 – The Modern Kiwi Monarchy

Chloe Oldfield, Vice-Chair of Monarchy New Zealand, welcomes the passing of the Royal Succession Bill today in Parliament today.

“The much-needed changes to the royal succession removes gender discrimination by allowing women equal right to the throne of New Zealand,” says Ms Oldfield.

“New Zealand’s monarchy is an incredibly important part of our constitution and society; making sure that it reflects kiwi values is common sense.”

The Act also ends the centuries-old prohibition on heirs to the throne marrying Catholics.

“This requirement came out of 17th century European conflicts and is completely unnecessary today. The religious divisions of the old world have no place in New Zealand. Anything that can be done to remove this discrimination is a positive step,”. said Ms Oldfield.

“It is fitting that the nation which led the charge for women’s suffrage is coordinating the change for equal succession rights,” said Ms Oldfield.


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