03/08/2015 – The Queen Appoints Prince Charles to New Military Positions

Monarchy New Zealand is pleased to hear that, on the advice of the Prime Minister, the Queen of New Zealand has appointed Prince Charles to three positions:

  • Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal New Zealand Navy
  • Field Marshal, New Zealand Army
  • Marshal of the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Members of the Royal Family have long held positions in the New Zealand military. The relationship between the royals and the military underlies the apolitical nature of the defence forces. Serving directly beneath the Queen, Prince Philip has been the senior-most officer of all three branches of the New Zealand defence forces for many decades. He was made Admiral of the Fleet in 1954, a Field Marshall of the New Zealand Army in 1977, and Marshal of the Royal New Zealand Air Force the same year. Following Prince Charles’s appointment, he and Prince Philip will both hold the titles, making them both the preeminent ceremonial officers in the three branches of the New Zealand defence forces.

“While these positions are honorary and do not have an operational role, they are important,” said Dr Sean Palmer, Chair of Monarchy New Zealand. “Royal appointments are both an honour for the regiment or defence force as well as a reminder of the forces loyalty to the head of state who represents all New Zealanders.”

Prince Charles has always maintained close links with many New Zealand individuals and organisations including charities, industries, and the military. These new positions will further enhance that connection.

Prince Charles was awarded the New Zealand Armed Forces Award when last here in 2012 for his long service as Air Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal New Zealand Air Force since 1977.

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